Tuesday, March 26, 2013

All That I'm After is a Life Full of Laughter...

I never write poetry, at all, but I so badly wish I could. I have recently been reading some of my classmates' blogs and I am enthralled by their poetry. It is original, creative, beautiful, symbolic. I have never been good at writing poetry, because I believe sharing it makes me so vulnerable. However, stealing an idea from my classmate Nancy, I'd like to give it a shot through an acrostic poem on happiness, and what it is that brings light and joy into my life. Interestingly enough, this was one blog that took me the longest to write. Perhaps I will improve with time, practice, and reading more poetry.
Hilton Head Island, my vacation spot for years, full of memories
Apple picking at orchards near my childhood home
Pets that love unconditionally, a lesson to us all
Places that I can travel to and explore, where only my mind's eye has been before
Intercoastal waterway afternoons, boating with friends, music blaring, sea salt in my hair
Never regretting a moment of time spent with family and loved ones
Enjoying a moment to myself, too, reading and relaxing
Sassy wit, that keeps me on my toes and my laughter flowing
Seem to fill up my life with light, meaning, and love


  1. You have something going here. The details like sea salt in my hair and even naming Hilton Head lead you to the poetic voice you are striving for.

  2. This is more than an acrostic! Beautiful word choice, such feeling. Keep it coming!

  3. A great start to testing the poetry waters!

  4. Great job! I love writing acrostics... I feel they force me to stretch my thinking.

  5. glad you had the courage to try and post a poem...a great first